Lidija Jerant is the maker behind Indie Boho Studio.  She creates contemporary textile art in her home studio located in the lovely neighbourhood of Leslieville in Toronto.   Lidija's journey as a textile artist began as a child making macrame friendship bracelets.  When macrame wall hangings started popping up on the home decor scene she revisited the art and starting experimenting with it and began selling her pieces.  Weaving entered her life when she fell in love with some vintage weavings and decided she wanted to learn how to make her own.  After scouring the internet for an online weaving tutorial she made her own loom and started exploring the art, incorporating new + vintage fibres, rope, jute + beads to give her pieces a highly textural aesthetic.   When she is not creating her own masterpieces she is teaching.  Her workshops include: macrame wall hangings, macrame plant hangers and a weaving workshop.  She is also exploring the use of macrame and weaving techniques to marry the art of fibres and plans to do this workshop to her repertoire.